Busy Buttons

Immerse your child in the world of Montessori education with out Busy Buttons Light Board. This interactive and educational busy board is thoughtfully designed to stimulate learning across all areas of development, aligning perfectly with Montessori principles.

Busy Buttons



Sensory Stimulation Activity For +18 Months Toddlers To Foster Early Creative And Emotional Development


Montessori-inspired learning on the go

Discover the benefits of Montessori-inspired learning for your little one even while on the go, with Busy Buttons! Have your child thrive on the move with a fun and interactive busy board, designed to nurture their curiosity and creativity. Empower your child's learning while enjoying precious moments together anywhere, anytime.

11 interactive features buttons and knobs

11 interactive features specially crafted to ignite your little one’s imagination! Each button and knob is designed to foster their cognitive development, sparking endless hours of fun.

Refines hand and eye coordination

The perfect companion for refining a toddler’s hand-eye coordination. Specially designed to enhance your little one’s development of fine motor skills. Nurtures young children’s ability to focus and follow along with engaging activities.

Promotes creative thinking

Crafted to develop children’s creative thinking and problem-solving ability while having fun. Designed with interactive features to inspire innovative thoughts and encourage out-of-the-box exploration.

Improves color recognition

Perfectly designed to enhance young children’s understanding and appreciation of colors. It helps create a solid foundation for recognizing different colors while having fun.

Provides stress relief

Every touch stimulates a calm and joyful experience for toddlers and young children. Helps them relax and makes every playtime a stress-free adventure.

Encourages open-ended thinking

Rotary features that spark curiosity and lead to imaginative discovery and joyful learning. Promote independent and innovative problem-solving skills.

High-quality and safe

Safety and quality are our top priorities. The Busy Buttons Light Board is constructed from premium, natural wood materials and complies with national toy testing requirements for toddlers.

Great for road-trips

The Busy Buttons Light Board isn't just an educational tool; it's also highly practical. Crafted to be lightweight and durable, it's the ideal travel companion for Montessori-inspired learning on the go.


How to Use

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Busy Buttons


Sensory Stimulation Activity For +18 Months Toddlers To Foster Early Creative And Emotional Development